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ChatGPT now has eight additional choices in addition to instructions on how to use them.

The fantastic chatbot ChatGPT from Open AI has undergone numerous improvements. The most recent changes are a series of improvements designed to completely redesign the user experience. Improved language assistance and the inclusion of image input options appear to be instances of the company’s forward-thinking usage of chatbot technology.

The ability for Plus subscribers to upload photos to ChatGPT for analysis is a crucial feature replacement. Asking the chatbot to describe a photo only requires clicking on it. The latest advancements in personal expertise, ranging from meal planning to object detection, are groundbreaking. There are other interesting use cases for ChatGPT Plus that you can check out below.

Give a brief description of the scenes.

Perhaps ChatGPT Plus with Dall-E’s most helpful feature is its picture evaluation functionality. We took a picture of a water bottle with two backpacks behind it, and we asked ChatGPT to describe the devices in it. The chatbot identified the bottle, the model label, and the company’s actions, and it indicated which of the backpacks was the more rational option. In the event that someone goes missing in another nation, this might potentially be a life-saving technique for recovering lost images. Just click on the signboard in the language they don’t understand and request assistance from ChatGPT.

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imag credit goes to CMS Wire

Select the model for your image.

DALL-E provides ChatGPT Plus users with the benefit of developing their creativity. Customers can now create a wide variety of images thanks to the most recent improvements. These days, the chatbot provides a large variety of types to help with image production. Customers will immediately see five model selections above the context field, with a shuffle button to follow. Cyberpunk, confections, comedic literature, summarized artwork, and expressionism are a few instances of fashion. Clicking the shuffle image allows buyers to view more of those possibilities.

One of the best things about the model potential is definitely hovering over the choices to get a preview of the model. To alter the output’s appearance, just click on it and choose your preferred model from the image editing interface. Additionally, by changing the side ratio, users can create images in Sq., Widescreen, and Vertical codecs.

Modify images in Dall-E The Dall-E connection opens up access to ChatGPT’s image editor. Even if editing photos is a difficult task, AI has made it possible for everyone to create, edit, and perfect their masterpieces. We gave the chatbot an image to create—a captivating panda riding a bike—in order to test it. We immediately asked that it be changed to a bicycle and provided an explanation for the panda’s fall. The mannequin easily completed the modifications in a few short seconds. ChatGPT was unable to effectively remove the goggles off the panda’s brow despite several edit prompts. The chatbot performed the identical modification in a second attempt.

No need to register.

With the recent release of an update, OpenAI enabled users to access ChatGPT without creating an account. All it will display is the GPT-3.5 free model, which is rather useful if all you want to do is perform analysis and have the chatbot write and edit text for you. Through this action, OpenAI is granting more people access to AI.

Not applying your expertise to coaching.

Clients can now choose not to use OpenAI’s coaching mode. To do this, navigate to ChatGPT’s settings and turn off the “Enhance the mannequin for everybody” option. Users of ChatGPT Plus can accomplish that by opening knowledge controls, disabling coaching, and turning off the chat history.

Increasing hyperlinks’ importance

The most recent update will also make links appear more prominently in search results. This feature provides additional context for the final product and facilitates clients’ search for content from a variety of online sites. The browse feature is now available in ChatGPT Plus, Crew, and Enterprise.

Recognize the answers aloud.

This feature was previously available on iOS and Android, but OpenAI recently introduced it to the online model. That’s useful for those who would prefer to just listen to the answers without reading. There is now a read-aloud button that appears beneath the response and before the customer copy option. Click on the output to make ChatGPT learn it.

Additional safety ranges

ChatGPT provides its users with an extra security layer by including options for multi-factor authentication. Toggle it on from the Settings in order to keep the account secure.